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bearing the name of Tatiana Selischeva
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Stabat Mater/Bronner - Poliot Children's Choir
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"Poliot" Children's Choir has acquired a reputation for high artistic quality and sincerity of performance, for pure and flying sound of children voices, for a rich and complicated repertoire.

The choir was founded in April 1964 in the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow region. Later the choir served as a basis for setting up the "Poliot" School of Choral Art. From the very beginning it started to make a name for itself and achieved honor and substantial success.


"Poliot" performed in different parts of the former Soviet Union (Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine,  Belarus, Moldova) and since 1993 started to tour internationally. It has been awarded prizes at the prestigious international choral competitions in Debrecen, Varna, Arezzo, Tolosa, Odessa, has undertook highly successful tours in France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Portugal and China.


The choir has frequently worked with symphonic and chamber orchestras in Russia and abroad performing the works by Mozart, Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Bronner. "Poliot"  works in close cooperation with the Russian Musical Society and especially the Composer's Union of the Russian Federation.

"Poliot" Children's Choir performed in Vatican on the official invitation of the Catholic Church of Rome and personally of the Pope John Paul II, took part in the inauguration of President Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin, participated in the Great Choir Assembly at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow dedicated to the Russian capital's 850th anniversary, took part in the official programme of the "Year of Russian Culture in China", performed with the UNESCO World Children’s Choir.

The repertoire of the choir displays a great variety and consists of classical and contemporary, sacred and secular music, folklore. "Poliot" partners with the best contemporary Russian composers, for example, Mikhail Bronner.

Since November 2001 the "Poliot" choir also bears the name of Tatiana Selischeva, to honour her memory and promote her legacy. A talented conductor and a perfect educator, she was the founder of the choir and its permanent director and art-advisor for 37 years.

Today the choir is led by Natalia Filatova (director, chief conductor) who is a "Poliot" graduate and has worked hand in hand with Tatiana Selischeva for many years.

Our concert tours

Our repertoire

The repertoire of "Poliot" children's choir displays a great variety and includes music ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary works, thus embracing various genres and styles. It consists of classical and contemporary, religious and secular, folklore music.

Russian music The best works of Russian classical composers make the bulk of the choir's repertoire. "Poliot" frequently performs the works by Glinka, Dargomyzhski, Taneev, Rakhmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Chesnokov etc.

Folklore  Russian culture is deeply rooted in folklore traditions, that's why the choir has a rich repertoire of folksongs. Beautiful old airs and catchy dance tunes are certainly among the favourites with the public. 

Sacred choral music Though "Poliot" is not a church choir, sacred music constitutes a significant part of its repertoire. Now and then it sings during liturgical services in Russian churches. It has performed several times in the Assembly Hall of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. The repertoire of the choir includes the works by Russian composers Bortnyansky, Kastalsky ("Ioann Zlatoust Liturgy"), Tchaikovsky, Tchesnokov. It has already been mentioned that "Poliot" Children's Choir has frequently worked with orchestras  performing the works by Mozart ("Requiem"), Pergolesi ("Stabat Mater"), Vivaldi ("Credo", "Kyrie"). 


Merab Parzhaladze (1924-2008) was a talented composer, member of the Composer's Union of Russia who  completed a lot of works for orchestra, choir, etc. His music is superb and his style is full of intimacy. Most of his choral works ("Lake", "Night", "Candles Crying", "At the Eternal Flame") are earnest, allegorical and quasi-religious compositions, full of philosophical thought. They represent a masterful blend of symbolism and realism. To hear his rich harmonies is always a feast for the ear. Some of his works such as "Lake", "Night", "It's not without reason that we are called "Poliot"" were written especially for  "Poliot" children's choir and are dedicated to it.

The "Poliot" School of Choral Art counts 400 singers and consists of 6 separate choirs the age range being from 5 to 18.


Children can enter the School at the age of 5 with no musical knowledge in the beginning. During the 12 years they spend in "Poliot" (graduating at the age of 17 at the same time as they finish their studies in secondary schools) children acquire complete secondary music education. The most talented students continue their studies in Gnessin State Music Academy, The Moscow State Conservatory, etc. to become professional musicians: conductors, pianists, singers.

The high standard of artistic performance is directly influenced by the atmosphere within the "Poliot" School of Choral Art. Its philosophy has always been to encourage friendship and community spirit. The performing choir "Poliot" goes to one or two rehearsal camps yearly where choral rehearsals are alternate with leisure time spent creatively under professional leadership of the teaching staff.  Children are constantly involved in community life.  They hold different contests such as musical skits, staging of popular Russian tales, songs, shows etc. All these leisure time activities make the life of the choir lively and enjoyable.


The six choirs of the "Poliot" School of Choral Art are as follows:


"Kapelka" ("Droplet")

5-year-old kids

It comprises the youngest members of the School.  The kids start their music education with classes of choral art, basic solfeggio and rhythmics.

"Zernyshko" ("Seeds")

6-year-old kids

Every year the younger kids perform in at least two or more concerts.

"Rucheek" ("Streamlet")

7-year-old kids

Now children can start to take up piano or violin lessons.

"Solnyshko" ("Sun")

8 & 9-year-old kids

This is the so-called candidate choir.  Here children are being prepared to join the main, performing choir "Poliot". By now they are competent enough to sight-read difficult scores. Occasionally they take part in Moscow and regional choral competitions .

"Poliot" ("Flight")

10-18-year-old children

At the age of ten children are finally admitted to the "Poliot" Children's Choir which tours nationally and internationally. There are about 100 singers in the performing choir. In addition to piano and solfeggio classes children also take up musicology, harmony, conducting and vocal classes. Normally a student will attend 5 to 9 classes per week and perform in at least 10 concerts annually.

"Vdokhnovenie" ("Inspiration")

Finally all children can join the choir "Vdohnovenie", also referred to as the “Choir of the “Poliot” Graduates. All of its singers have been members of the "Poliot" School of Choral Art since childhood. Today the choir has about 40 singers aged 18 and older who work in different spheres of life but come together every Sunday to nurture and promote choral singing through performances and touring.

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Foreign music Our repertoire embraces the music of many cultures, thus, increasing the singers' cultural awareness and enriching their mind. The choir has performed the works by German, American, Hungarian, Italian, French, Czech, Finnish and Polish composersKodaly (Hungary), Vidman, Bakh (Germany), Gershvin (USA), Dvorzak (Czech Republic), Debussy (France), Lasso (Italy), Oginsky (Poland), Panula, Sibelius (Finalnd), Popov (Bulgaria), Mozart, Shubert, Shuman and many others as well as Hungarian, Bulgarian, Italian, Jewish folksongs. Most of them are sung in their original languages.


Contemporary music The "Poliot" School of Choral Art partners with the best contemporary composers of Russia. We should particularly mention Merab Parzkhaladze and Mikhail Bronner whose works have become an indispensable part of the choir's repertoire. "Poliot" also performs the works of such renowned contemporary Russian composers as Yefrem Podgaiz, Yefim Adler, A. Mikita, T.Popatenko, O. Khromushin and some others.

Mikhail Bronner (b.1952) is also a talented prolific composer, member of the Composer's Union of Russia. His works are very diverse in character ranging from tragic "Stabat Mater" uncovering a swamp of human emotion and spiritual "Psalms" to humorous "Nine Most Harmful Pieces of Advice for Little Children" and "Fortune -Telling by Parts of the Body" never failing to make a great hit with the audience. "My Forgotten Land" is one of his most engaging works remarkable for its sentimentality, and his dynamic and violent "Demons" were inspired by Tatiana Selischeva, "Poliot"'s founder and conductor, and are dedicated to her. Mikhail Bronner has also adapted a lot of works for the "Poliot" children's choir as he is extremely sensitive to the needs of young voices.


Our City

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“Poliot” means “Flight” in English and it’s not by chance that this name was chosen for the choir. We come from the city of Zhukovsky, a 100,000-plus city on the southeastern outskirts of Moscow. It’s a relatively young city founded in 1947 as an aerospace research centre and named after Nikolai Zhukovsky, a Russian aero-hydrodynamics scientist, often referred to as “the father of Russian aviation”.

Our city is home to flight research institutes, design bureaus of the major Russian aircraft manufacturers, a test pilot school. When our children’s choir was founded in 1964 in a city when every second parent was either a test pilot or an aerospace engineer no wonder the name “Flight” (“Poliot”) was chosen. This also explains why the colour of our costumes is sky-blue.

Today Zhukovsky serves as Moscow’s fourth international airport with the longest runway in Europe. Музыкальная школа, детский хор

The "Poliot" School of Choral Art bearing the name of Tatiana Selischeva

Address: 28 Frunze str., Zhukovsky 

                 Moscow region 140181


Phone/fax: +7 495 556 30 16

E-mail: poliotmusic@yandex.ru





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